All Inclusive Warranty

Zone Systems dba Zone Laser Tag doesn't like to have a lot of exceptions or exclusions to its contracts and its warranty coverage so here is what your warranty will cover in plain English:

Covered under warranty:Yellow phaser

  • Phaser Plastics
  • Phaser Electronics
  • Phaser Cable Cord
  • Vest Plastics
  • Vest Materials
  • Vest Electronics
  • Computer & Printer
  • Score Monitor
  • Software Upgrades


What is Not Covered:

  • Consumables such as score cards, membership buttons, fuses, manuals, etc.
  • Acts of God, abuse, vandalism, or intentional neglect.


How the Warranty Works

We will provide you with a spare parts kit which includes the basic component to a laser tag pack. Our technician will train you on how to preform basic maintenance of the laser tag packs at the time of installation.

If a competent were to malfunction, you can replace with a part from your spare parts kit and return the laser tag pack back to play.

During the Warranty period, you pay for shipping to Dover, DE and we will pay for shipping back to you. If you have parts malfunction, simply send them to Zone Laser Tag and we will repair or replace the part in 2 business days from the time we receive.

We offer the industry’s best warranty for complete hassle free operation since we own and operate five of our own locations.  We are the world’s largest laser tag supplier and this all inclusive hassle free warranty is what our operators, and future profitable owners such as your selves, demands.  We keep your operating costs to a minimum so that you maximize your profits!

For more information, call us at 866-966-3797 or visit our Contact Page. We're here to help.

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