Laser Tag Arenas

Zone Laser Tag understands that every client is unique and their project is the most important aspect of their lives. Our company philosophy is to work with the client in the manner they wish. Many of our clients will hire and utilize the services of a third party laser tag arena company.

We at Zone pride ourselves on developing the best laser tag equipment in the world, and in doing so we have developed numerous arena devices that help create a more immersive laser tag experience.

With NexusFEC and NexusPRO, you can purchase mines, energizers, or illuminated vesting racks to create an arena that not only looks spectacular but allows interactivity with players. To see what other devices we offer, check out the Laser Tag Options page. We will provide your third party vendor with the proper documentation for any arena devices that you choose to add.

Below is a sample layout for a 20 player laser tag arena.


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