Ultra Laser Tag Arenas

ultra arenas

Zone Laser Tag has been building and manufacturing laser tag arenas for over 20 years. Our locations with arenas built by our staff are all over the world. Millions of games of Zone Laser Tag have been played and enjoyed for a generation.

Zone's Ultra Immersive Arenas are intended to immerse a player in a different world for the duration of their game experience, by integrating multiple custom props and layout we challenge the players mind to find familiarity with its surroundings, enabling players to be transported to another world. For more details download our Arena PDF from the contact us area (available in North and South America only at present) Images shown are Ultra Arenas with Extreme Themes.

With NexusFEC and NexusPRO, you can purchase mines, energizers, or illuminated vesting racks to create an arena that not only looks spectacular but creates an immersive environment second to none. Check out the Laser Tag Options page for other available devices.

For more information, call us at 866-966-3797 or visit our Contact Page. We're here to help.

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