Laser Tag Options

Nexus laser tag has more quality options to enhance the laser game experience than any of our competitors. Check out our exciting, innovative devices and software available to our NexusPRO and NexusFEC clients below.   

new-iconTurret Cannons  nexusprologotiny

turret2Players located in the lobby/reception area or party rooms can interface with remote control Turret Cannons located in the game arena. Each remote player can tag players in the game whose packs will scream at them when tagged revealing their position in the arena and making them vulnerable to other players.

The Turret Cannon has an exceptional control system that allows the controller to tag players from any angle from it's hinge point. It's like playing a video game, tagging real players in real time! To read more about this exciting option, click here.


targets2new-iconZone Arena Targetsnexusfectiny nexusprologotiny

Check out our new multicolor, multifunction, Zone Arena Targets that are placed near your bases for a variety of points and power ups depending on what color the targets are flashing. This brings more versatility and options to your laser tag game. To see our video and what the targets can do, click here.

new-iconGame Stations  nexusprologotiny

gamestations1The Nexus Game Station is one of our revolutionary innovations that will change the laser tag experience for your facility. This arena device lets your players access power ups with a touch screen mounted in your arena.

The station recognizes each player as they approach and determines which power up they have access to, whether it be spy mode, shields, invincibility, rapid fire, and more! Special game modes are also designed to work with the Game Station. To check out our announcement video and read more, click here.

 Clink Stations  nexusfectiny nexusprologotiny

clinkstations2Clink Stations offer the ability for those waiting on your observation deck to play against those already in the arena. When the remote player tags a player in the arena, they score points on the game kiosk and compete for high scores - while players in the arena are notified that they are under attack by sound and LED light effects on their vest and phaser. To read more about this fantastic option for both NexusFEC and NexusPRO, click here.

Energizers  nexusfectiny nexusprologotiny

energizerUsed to re-energize packs during game play, these devices can help in designing game formats for team building and corporate events. Energizers also help eliminate problems with players staying in one spot for too long as they will have to re-energize once they have run out of shots or activations. To read more, click here.


Colored Vesting Racks  nexusfectiny nexusprologotiny

Vesting racks of any kind are a must for any system, but our led vesting racks are a visual element that is sure to impress any crowd. Our light up racks can change any of our packs 9 colors. Click here or the image below to read more!


Game Expansion Kit  nexusfectiny

gameexpan2Our Game Expansion Kit makes your games even more fun with exciting options and pre-designed game formats. Zone Collector, Star Base Troopers, Infection, and Tournament Mode are just some of incredible game options available for your players.

To check out the various game formats available to our NexusFEC clients, click here.


Memberships  nexusfectiny(optional) nexusprologotiny (standard)

codymemberMemberships offer the ability to challenge and reward your most experienced players with a host of options and abilities not offered to the regular walk-in customer. Membership software allows your members to view their progress and game history over a period of time. You can generate reports and award seasonal prices based on your members performance. you can read more about our Memberships by clicking here.

energizerMines  nexusfectiny nexusprologotiny

Mines - Interactive device that can tag back at players during the game. Mines add a whole new level to excitement as players have to guard themselves against both foe and environment! Click here to learn more!

The Zone App  nexusfectiny nexusprologotiny

phoneapp2The Zone App allows operators and managers to control aspects of the game from the touch of their iPhone! Each vest's team color can be remotely managed with simple to use controls. Presets can be stored for quick access to common vesting room team configurations - Change from Reds -vs- Blues to Green -vs- Pink in a flash. The phone to vest sync is near instant making it practical to change the vests just before the games. To read more about how the Zone App works, click here.

Demo Pack and Base Target  nexusfectiny nexusprologotiny

charliedemoThe Demo Pack and Base Target offers your game marshals the ability to demonstrate the game play and options in real time during their briefing without being tied to your central computer system or affecting your game currently in play. To read more about this option, click here.

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