Clink Stations

Clink Stations are an excellent way to add revenue generation to your observation deck! If by chance you don’t have an observation deck area, consider instead our remote Turret Cannon devices to add revenue generation to your lobby.

The Clink Station and Remote Turret Cannon are network devices that are easy to incorporate at the time of equipment installation or later as an expansion device.

Stations are $3,500 each and work with NexusFEC and NexusPRO. Place your order today!

clinkstationsThe Clink Station allows parents, small children, and friends to play in the arena without needing to move around or wear a vest. These devices are the perfect option to enhance your observation area and turn it into a revenue source.

The station is coin operated and configurable by you. When a player starts a game on one of these expansion devices , their “in-game” target activates and is protected by a shield. When the shields are on, players in the arena cannot tag the coin-op player. When the remote player activates their phaser, their shields automatically come down and they are vulnerable to attack from players in the arena.

When the remote player tags a player in the arena, they score points on the game kiosk and compete for high scores - while players in the arena are notified that they are under attack by sound and LED light effects on their vest and phaser. Arena players can tag the remote players when shields are down and shut down the remote player for a couple of seconds.

Clink Stations are available for both nexusprologotiny and  nexusfectiny

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