Game Station

New from Zone Laser Tag: The Game Station!

The Game Station is a device that recognizes packs as you walk up to them, and allows you access to special power ups during the game. 


Nexus GirlPower-Ups

The power-ups available are:

Shields – The player will have to be tagged multiple times to be deactivated.

Invincibility – for a short duration, any players cannot deactivate the pack.

Rapid Fire – Tag your opponents quicker! Rapid Fire allows the Phaser to shoot at a faster rate then standard. 

Stealth – All of the lights on your pack will turn off, but you will still be active. Your opponents will believe you are deactivated, until you tag them!

Rely Bounce – This ability allows you to bounce shots off a player. Tag one player, and the shot will bounce to the players around them. 

Special Agent – Do you want to trick your opponents into believing you are on their team? This mode allows you to change your pack color for a short duration and take an advantage. 

Special Game Modes

Not only does the Game Station offer player power ups, it also allows for special functionality beyond the game parameters:

Birthday Mode  - The birthday player is the only person who can access the Game Stations under this mode. Not only will their pack sign happy birthday, but also they will receive a special advantage during the game.

Assassination Mode – The Game Station will designate a player that you must find and deactivate. If you find and deactivate the player, you will receive bonus points during the game. 

The Game Station is available for both nexusprologotiny and nexusfectiny


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