MinesInteractivity in the Arena leads to increased sales!

With our new mine/energizer option for Nexus, you now have the option to add another dimension to your laser tag arena.

This combined mine/energizer allows the operator to configure one device to act in either capacity thereby saving them money.  The facility operator doesn't have to purchase electronics that aren't always in use.

As a mine, this device is a neutral object that emits a pulse that deactivates all players in a close proximity. For advance members games, the mine may can be set by tagging it and when it explodes, the last player to tag the mine will receive the credit for ALL of the players tagged by the mine. Like other parts of the Nexus product, configuring these mines or energizers is easily done with our hand held remote.

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Mines are available for both nexusprologotiny and  nexusfectiny

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