The Nexus Arena Targets bring a whole new level of fun to the laser tag experience! These new devices can change any of the 9 colors our laser tag packs can light up.  


During the game each target, located near the bases in your arena, can change colors, offering your players a variety in points and/or power ups. For example, a target that is lit up red can be worth 100 points in a standard game, or in a power up game, a flickering red target will award the player with rapid fire.

Here are a description of how the targets work with the NexusFEC and NexusPRO systems:

NexusFEC only has three target modes: Burst, Hit Value, and Random

  • Burst - Groups of targets activate randomly throughout the game.
  • Hit Value - Individual targets activate randomly throughout the game. The color of the target indicates the point value.
  • Random - Individual targets activate randomly throughout the game.

In addition the the previous target profiles, NexusPRO has the following:

  • Test - Test your targets.
  • Reveal - Individual targets activate randomly throughout the game. If a player tags a target, all other players light up for a brief moment.
  • Flashlight - Individual targets activate randomly throughout the game. If a player tags a target, all targets light up for a specified period of time.
  • Base Shields - Targets act as shield and prevent bases from being destroyes.
  • Recharge - Individual targets activate randomly throughout the game, providing health or power recharges to tagging players.
  • Domination - Points are awarded for capturing and protecting targets.
  • Power-Up - Individual targets activate randomly throughout the game. Different targets grant different abilities.

Some target profiles are game specific, such as flashlight is only for Midnight Madness, which is a game mode where players do not have lights on their vest.

Nexus FEC and RIFT sites can take advantage of the boost in arena interactivity and provide an inexpensive way to stand above your competition. Games using the targets are great for slower times and keep players coming back for that second, third, and fourth game.

If you have a Nexus PRO system, get ready for a product so versatile, so customizable, that the game possibilities are endless!

Contact us for pricing and information on these exciting new devices!

Nexus Arena Targets are available for both nexusprologotiny and nexusfectiny


Check out what Jack Turner, Owner of Lazer Blaze in Louisville, Kentucky had to say about our arena targets:

"We have had our targets installed now for over a month. The level of customer satisfaction has been phenomenal. Due to the large size of our arena, whenever we have run smaller games, it wasn’t as good an experience due to people hiding and thus making it less exhilarating.

Now with targets, (60 to be exact) even small games during the slow times keep people interacting and not always looking for someone to tag! We have ours turned up to the max activity. They are going off left and right.

I have personally witnessed players foregoing the usual tagging of other players and hunting for only targets! Just the visual experience of these going off all over the arena is amazing. Imagine a 10,000 square foot shooting gallery that you walk through! We always try to find something new for our customers every year. This year it was easy!

They have flexibility allowing us to tweak the games to match our customers playing styles. During Lock-Ins or “Tag till you Drag” nights, the targets have added even more excitement to an already vigorous evening of tag. The main game, Zone Domination has already become my staff’s favorite game for their after-hours game time.

Installation was very straight forward. Simple and easy. Plug and play was never easier. If I was able to install this system, anyone in the industry can. This has to be one of the best new products for the lasertag industry in the last 5 years, hands down."

Jack Turner - Owner, Lazer Blaze

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