The Zone App

phoneappThe Zone Control App offers the ability to control your games - including Start, Finish, and Abort. The HAL function also reports the remaining game time of any active game.

The Zone Control App works with 3g, 4g, or Wifi on the iPhone and Android devices.

Each vest's team color can be remotely managed with simple to use controls. Presets can be stored for quick access to common vesting room team configurations - Change from Reds -vs- Blues to Green -vs- Pink in a flash. The phone to vest sync is near instant making it practical to change the vests just before the games.

The App is free, so add as many control devices as you wish. Just add each new client to the phone server program on the game PC to enable a client app. Each phone server is licensed for a one-time fee of $250.

Each remote command is stored in a database so you can see who did what and when.

Site Administrator can restrict access to specific functions from the remote user(s).

Testing and Reporting: **Coming soon a test and report function to aid in your ongoing maintenance procedure.

The Zone App is available for both nexusprologotiny and nexusfectiny

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