With five corporate stores around the world, and over 200 locations in North America, Zone Laser Tag offers numerous marketing materials for your new laser tag attraction. We have materials that are market tested and proven successful, which are provided to you when you join the Zone Family.

Below is just a sampling of the material provided for your new laser tag attraction:

We provide a variety of marketing posters for ever possible use you will have with your laser tag attraction. Birthday, Grand Opening, Special Events, you name it, we have a poster for it! We are constantly updating the marketing at our five corporate stores and we provide those materials to you free of charge.

birthdayprintzone-poster-armageddon-intro2zone-poster-nexus-on target

Marketing Images

Once a year we gather a wide range of models and have a photo shoot with our laser tag products. This offers you consistently up to date and relevant pictures for use in your own customized marketing. Some other companies offer stock images that are from the early 2000's or even worse the 1990's. We provide relevant marketing images to keep up with the market trends.

Some centers will use postcards for their marketing efforts, and we provide sample postcards to be used to announce special events, provide customers with birthdays a discount on a birthday party, or just put your name out their to potential customers.

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