Michael J. Fox Show To Premier Nexus Laser Tag

Zone Laser Tag was able to supply NBC's "Michael J. Fox" show with 16 NexusFEC packs for an upcoming episode.

The prop master for the show contacted Zone Laser Tag on a Monday needing equipment for the taping of a show featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd playing laser tag.  Christopher Lloyd was "Doc Brown" on the Back to the Future film series in the 1980's.  NBC needed the equipment by Wednesday as the filming was happening just 2 days after Zone was contacted.


We put Kyle Galle on a plane and flew him to grab the 16 packs which our staff put together overnight.  Kyle took the 16 NexusFEC packs to Manhattan to be used in the taping.

The prop master selected the NexusFEC equipment specifcally because it did not look like a military gun as he knew NBC wanted to promote the wholesomeness of the TV series.


Zone Laser Tag is proud to be a small part of the historical reunion of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd and we are glad that they played laser tag.  This type of exposure is good for the laser tag industry overall.

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