Nexus Swaps Out Intersphere at Lazer X

lazer x

November 22, 2011 – Zone Laser Tag has just signed with Lazer X Family Entertainment Center to install a 20- Player NexusFEC system into their facility.  

The state-of-the-art Nexus laser tag will be replacing the old Intersphere equipment and will be installed and operated into Lazer X’s approximately 2500-square foot, Space Quadrant arena.

Lazer X is located in Burlington, North Carolina and is owned and operated by Frank Fulling. Frank had been using an Intersphere system for  9 years and decided that the equipment was too old and bulky for today’s laser tag players, so they chose to replace it with the more advanced, and sleeker NexusFEC system. Lazer X conducted an extensive amount of research and found that the Nexus blaster had better technology and better suited the needs of their customers.

Lazer X has much experience in the Laser Tag Entertainment Industry and has seen many different systems. All their experience and familiarity of laser tag has led them to the NexusFEC system from Zone. “We are honored to replace Intersphere and provide the customers of Lazer X a better option for laser tag fun.” said Erik Guthrie, Vice President of Sales and marketing for Zone Laser Tag.

For more information about Lazer X, please visit their website.

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