Funhaven installs 30 NexusFEC in its new Fun Center

November 26, 2011 - It took over two years to make it a reality but Funhaven presents the best in quality family entertainment for the Ottawa community.  It includes a a 4,500 square foot laser tag arena with a state-of-art 30 player NexusFEC laser tag system.

Fun Haven Logo

funhavenDave Ellis, co-owner of the Funhaven Fun Center has utilzied nearly every resource in the amusement industry to ensure that that this dream would become a reality.  Dave attended several of the IAAPA trade shows, joined the ILTA as a Developer Member, got involved on the industry LinkedIn forums and asked a thousand questions.  He hired the services of one of the leading industry consultants, Jerry Merola of Amusement Entertainment Management and Dave committed to making this become a reality.  Dave also attended a Foundations University to further enhance his knowledge of the amusement industry.

Finally, all of his efforts came together in the creation of Funhaven located at 1050 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Canada.  Funhaven will have the 4,500 square foot laser tag arena; Lazer Frenzy from Creative Works; Spin Zone bumper cars from Amusement Products; a Jungle Gym; mini lane bowling and more.

To learn more about Funhaven, please visit their website.

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