Branson Grand Country Fun Spot Selects NexusFEC

January 7, 2012 - The world famous Grand Country Waterpark, Hotel and Fun Spot is providing a fantastic new experience for their guests - a 24 system NexusFEC laser tag system!

Grand Country


grandcountryGrand Country is the grandest family destination in Branson. Located in the heart of Branson, it is a total vacation experience with live shows daily, 36-hole indoor mini-golf, Fun Spot (arcade games, mini bowling, interactive ballocity, bumper cars, black light mini golf), pizza, custard, homemade fudge, Grand Country Buffet, the world’s largest banjo and violin, 35,000 square feet of shopping and Grand Country Inn with indoor and outdoor pools and an interactive water park that is free for guests. It is the perfect quick weekend getaway and is great for birthday parties and other special occasions. Parents, grandparents and kids of all ages will love Grand Country’s family fun and convenience.

Now, the Robinson Family is adding a world class laser tag experience with a 3,000 square foot laser tag arena featuring the NexusFEC laser tag system.  This will provide their guests with the lightest laser tag packs in the industry; laser tag with green lasers cutting across the fog filled arena and the birthday kids will have the NexusFEC system sing "Happy Birthday" to them while they visit the Grand Country Fun Spot!

To learn more about Grand Country Fun Spot, please visit their website.

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