Nexus Battery

“Nexus Laser Tag uses state of the art Lithium Polymer batteries. These batteries provide sustained performance for up to 24 hours on a single charge. The battery takes about 8 hours to fully charge.  Only Nexus batteries have double redundant safety circuitry to monitor and ensure that the battery charges safely and fully.

The battery is stored in the back of the laser tag pack and is not removed.  There are Nexus locations that have not removed or replaced the battery in over 4 years.  The battery is charged while it stays in the pack through a cable that is inserted in to a jack on the backboard.

Nexus Laser Tag Battery

The pack itself will flash slowly and a white indicator light will flash in the shoulders when the battery gets to a low charge.  The phaser screen will also indicate a "LOW BATTERY" message on the display. The customer charges the battery through a port on the backboard.  The charging box mounted to the wall will have a cable running from it to the laser tag pack and then the staff simply inserts the small plug into the female port on the pack backboard.  The pack will immediately change to a unique color and flash rapidly.  The phaser display screen will now display "CHARGING" until the battery is fully charged.  The phaser will then display "COMPLETE" and the shoulder LED's will alternatively flash in a slower manner.

The battery is warrantied during the warranty period.  Many Nexus batteries, originally warrantied for 2 years, were lasting 4-5 years before operators had to start to replace the batteries.”

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