These are a variety of the reports available with the Nexus System.

Games Played Report

This report allows you to audit the number of games played vs. your cash intake. The Games Played Report is independent of your Point of Sale and cannot be modified by any staff member, allowing for a safe and secure method to audit your laser tag revenue. 


Pack Self Test

This allows you to test packs and diagnose a problem in mere minutes. You can have packs up and running faster with less loss of revenue with this amazing feature. Simply plug the pack in and run the report. The system will give you a printed report that details any issues the pack may have.

Nexus Pack Tester

Pack Reports

You can view plays for any day that you wish. This allows you to audit your laser tag income verses the actual income at the front counter.

Nexus Pack Reports

Mail Labels

Have you ever wanted to market to your members or former birthday guests? This report system makes it easy to create mailing labels. Simply put in the parameters and the system will generate mail labels from the database.

Nexus Mailing Labels

Score Editor

You can now edit the amount of points that are scored during a game with the click of a mouse. Open this interface and you can change how much a base tag, shoulder tag, chest tag are worth! Easy to use interface allows you to customize point values for each individual game!

Nexus Score Editor


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