Phaser Features

The NexusPRO Phaser is one of the most sophisticated yet easy to use phasers in the industry.  Below are a list of its features.

Green lasers

Specially designed lasers with the safest operating design in the industry lead the way to a brighter future.

Phaser LCD

Nexus incorporates messenger services direct to the phaser using an LCD screen located at an easy to view back of the phaser location. Players are told who they are, what state they are in, who tagged them, etc. Click here for more information.

Below you will find a break down of all the phaser features. Click the image for a larger version, or download the PDF.

NexusPRO Phaser Features

One or Two Handed Operation

Safety conscious operators have known for years that by keeping your customers' hands on the phasor at all times keeps what few injuries laser centers have even lower!  Don't like the way two hand phasors play?  An easy to access feature removes the requirement!


Nexus strives to offer the most durable laser tag product on the market, and the Gundom on the end of the phaser provides protection for anytime it is dropped. This small feature takes durability and safety to the next level. Not only will the phaser be protected from drops or falls, but if guests were to bump into each other the rubberized tip provides a layer of safety.


Laser Tag Gundom

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