Nexus Girl 7Zone Laser Tag offers our customers a variety of operations focused materials, with the largest marketing archive in the laser tag industry.

We have been in the operation of laser tag stories for over 20 years, and we understand how to create a successful laser tag attraction. Becoming a member of the Zone family brings you into an extensive group of operators who are just as excited about laser tag as you!

Below is a sampling of the numerous resources available to you:

 Manuals - We will provide you with operations and technical manuals that will help your laser tag attraction run at its full potential

Marketing Kit - You need to spread the word that you will have laser tag at your location! We have 5 corporate stores around the world and provide all the marketing we use at those stores direct to you.

 Site Visits - Our business relationship is not complete when the contract is signed, we believe in working with you for the life of your location. Our representatives are constantly traveling the country visiting operators, providing insight into operations and marketing trends they see in their travels. One more thing Zone offers that others do not!

Training Sites - What better way to learn to run a laser tag attraction then to actually work at one! We have two beautiful training sites on each side of the country that you can visit, or send managers, to work the attraction. This in-depth knowledge is second to none when opening your first laser tag attraction.

Copyright Free Music - Save over $1,000 a year in music licensing fees with our Copyright Free Music bundle of 3 CD's designed specifically for laser tag arenas.

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